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Uryadi's Village

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Uryadi's Village

Sodo, Ethiopia

Action Taken:

Starting within Uryadi's Village, Connect 3 in partnership with diverse stakeholders collaborate to address water health and scarcity, waste management, and relevant education. Workshops within the Village ensure community engagement and scalability. Local partners include the Municipal Water Department and Wolaita Sodo University. 

Duration of project:
Start date: September 2018, expected to take two years for full assessment and implementation with continued monitoring.

Methods used:
Waste Management Toolkit

Bio-remediation garden

Clay filters

UV light water filtration

Chlorine tablets

Large scale composter
Compostable diapers

End result:

An efficient waste and water system founded on assessments that are both accessible and integrated with educational tools. The solutions found are aimed to be replicable throughout the surrounding region.

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