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Danielle Bogardus

Founder, President, Board Director

The journey to founding Connect 3 started in 2014, the year Danielle began her undergraduate studies at University of Washington. As a curious and dedicated student, she spent four years gaining experience working in the "forgotten" communities of the Las Piedras region of Peru. There, Danielle developed a methodology to assess the waste management and water quality within communities to be able to find tangible solutions. This work led her to expand and begin a project in Sodo, Ethiopia in the summer of 2018. It was this leap that ultimately served as a key segue into the birth of an organization solely dedicated to understanding how to assess a community’s resilience through education, waste management, and water health issues in remote communities around the globe. Thus, Connect 3 was born.

Danielle created Connect 3 out of passion to fulfill a need. After four years of research, field work and time spent in the classroom, she was unsatisfied with how waste and water were assessed in developing communities. Not only were accurate assessments needed to understand the situation, but mentalities of the localities also needed to be heard. Danielle strives to ensure that Connect 3 is accessible to communities and empowers them for lasting change. Ultimately, her goal is to rethink how we can find solutions and engage localities.

As part of her work she also co-founded Hoja Nueva, a non-profit experimental research organization in Las Piedras Peru, and serves as the CIO at Aveterra, who provides composting solutions for communities. 

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