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Las Piedras Region, Peru


Las Piedras Region

Madre de Dios, Peru


Las Piedras region of Peru has been the site for much of Connect 3's work. Within the region, Connect 3 (in partnership with Hoja Nueva) has supported the implementation of waste management and improved water quality for the communities of Lucerna, Boca Pariamanu, Planchon, and Puerto Nuevo. Relationships have also been established with the local municipality of Planchon who has jurisdiction over the Las Piedras region containing 64 communities. The goal is to ensure waste and water systems for each on of the 64 communities. Connect 3 also has goals of establishing within Manu National Park, which neighbors the Las Piedras region. 

Action Taken:

Current waste practices include burning, burying, and throwing in the river. This poses serious environmental and human health issues. One large facet of this includes access to clean water for cooking and drinking. Often times the waste disposal is directly next to water sources, increasing contamination rates. Connect 3 as focused on assessing the current practices and gaining a deep understanding of the patterns associated. Once this is understood, tangible solutions can be put in place. 

Duration of project: 

Projects started in January of 2016 and have continued throughout the years. The duration of fieldwork is typically six weeks to two months. 

Methods used:
Waste Management Toolkit

End result:

Successful implementation of garbage pits, large scale composters, chlorine treatment plans, and educational presentations on waste and water best-practices.

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