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How it Started

Connect 3 grew from a dissatisfaction of how waste and water systems were being addressed in remote developing communities. Connect 3 works from the ground up, starting with an accessible assessment methodology that ensures it is understood why the current situation is how it is, the mentalities around the themes of waste and water are understood, while a strong emphasis on education and local based knowledge ensures the longevity of the proposed solutions. Connect 3 is simple and therefore replicable. This model was proved successful where it began in the Madre de Dios region of Peru and now has been replicated in Sodo, Ethiopia.

The Significance of "3"

As you notice throughout our website, we focus on 3. The framework of Connect 3 is the Waste Management Toolkit, which includes three main facets: education, waste, and water.


Additionally, Connect 3 works in 3 stages: the assessment period, interpretation period, and solution implementation period.


Finally, mission and process are motivated by the three Rs: Replicability, Resourcefulness, Reduction. Our solutions must: be Replicable, be approached with a Resourceful mindset, and Reduce the various impacts of improper waste and water systems.

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